Best Text Messages for Women’s Day 2018

On this day dedicated to them, women are waiting for a nice little word, a sweet thought or … a good joke to make them laugh!

So, your cards! Send small messages at will to all the women you know: o) Sure, they’re going to help!

Messages for Womens Day 2018

Happy Women’s Day Messages 2018

To all women

To the mother who has carried us, loved, cuddled, to
the young lady who has taught us to love, to
the friend who has supported us, guided, to
the woman, this accomplice, this partner, this ally, to
the mother, which unites the family and brings joy and joy,
All women deserve to be celebrated!
Good day of the woman: o)

Women are said to be beauty, charm, delicacy, and sweetness of soul.
May this day dedicated to you bring you so much joy that you spread around you …
Happy woman’s day

Poem of Hamoudi

With this little poem, I want to pay tribute to all women
Love text in tribute to femininity with a thousand charms
Whether they are mother, lover, mistress or great leader
They are mothers, light, and wisdom, they relieve our sentences
We men respect in every woman who has brought us
Motherly love is a great miracle of which they have the sweet secret
This poem pays homage to the woman who carries in her the future
The future of the man of which she is sister, mother, and pleasure
A message of love to femininity that brings us back to our humanity
Women are our soulmates love them in the name of fraternity

Definition of the woman

A woman is love, glory and hope,
To the children she guides, to the comforted man,
She raises the heart and calms suffering,
As a spirit of heaven on the exiled land
Gerard de Nerval

So many qualities

Attentive, you often have the right words
Intelligent, you succeed everything brilliantly
Sweet, by your side life is a cozy cloud
Sparkling, with you, you never get bored
Generous, you have the heart on the hand
Honest, you’re always in the right way
Sensible, you have the gift of comfort
Unique, one thing is sure: everyone adores you!
Above all, never change, you are perfect as you are: o)

You are unique

Once met, we can not forget you!
You release this little thing that marks forever …
A sacred character,
A real joy of life,
A crazy charm,
You’re a hell of a woman !!!
I’m celebrating this day in your honor … and I wish you a beautiful woman’s day!

A bit of humor

Pass me the remote control, football, it sucks. What? Did not you fold the laundry? Can you shut up my dress? Mac do? Rather die !!! You never listen to me … Do not you think I’m fat? Eat with your mother? out of the question !! How many times do I have to tell you to take out the trash?
Well, at home, it’s a little dictatorship … Feminism is hard to live! But I still love you, my love.
I laugh, of course, a good day of women!

Ten words

Ten words to describe you: honest, funny, intelligent, respectful, tender, faithful, open-minded, genuine, optimistic, honest!
Oh, these are only qualities: o) But that should not surprise you
… You are a woman in gold.
Beautiful women’s day!

A great day

What would the world be like if it had not opened the doors of freedom to you?
It will be bland and sad, without any touch of femininity.
Let us celebrate today the advances that have allowed you to exist.
Happy day of the woman!


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