International Happy Women’s Day Quotes 2018

We are going to share some amazing and happy women’s day quotes because Every March 8, the woman is in the spotlight. It is indeed the international day of the woman! Originally from the United States (1909), this day aims to take stock of the situation of women in society through events that take place around the world.

World Women’s Day is a great opportunity to pay tribute to all the women in your life. So, why not send a little message (SMS, mail, Facebook, Twitter, …) to your mother, sister, colleague, friend…

We invite you to discover several models of texts to wish a good world day of the 2018 woman!

Whether you are looking for a funny, romantic, full of love, pretty or poetic message, you should find your happiness in our small collection of texts.

It’s up to you to choose according to the personality of the woman celebrated!

List of best happy women’s Day Quotes:- 

On the occasion of the day of the woman I wanted to offer you an original bouquet: lilies for the elegance and the femininity. Roses for passion and love. Sunflowers for happiness and warmth.

A woman is like a rainbow … she gives life its luminous colors.
A woman is like the moon. It gives darkness the hope of light.
I wish you a nice day of the woman!

The month of March is the celebration of two beauties: spring and women!

Happy birthday to all women who put color and sweetness in our lives. Thank you !

Since the dawn of time, many women have been the muses and inspiring poets, writers, singers, painters … The enchanting mystery and the charm they radiate is surely something to behold …

Congratulations! You are a woman! It’s your day! Happy Birthday…

Women’s Day … a premise in the spring! Tenderness, beauty and sweetness are celebrated today! Happy Women’s Day

Without women the Earth would be much less bearer of love, hope and sweetness! Happy Birthday !

What luck ! Congratulations! It’s women’s day today! Happy Birthday ! And do not forget to celebrate mine the other 364 days !!

A thought for you on this special day … but how can we say that March 8 is women’s day when you should be celebrated and respected every day!

This is the day we pay tribute to all strong, courageous and independent women all over the world! That’s why I want to wish you a happy birthday!

Today this day is for you! I’ts women’s Day ! Happy Birthday !

Good day for a woman just great!

Tolstoy said a very fair sentence: “Women, it is you who hold in your hands the salvation of the world”! Good day of the woman!

A woman is a mixture of love, kindness, spirit and courage. It has an incredible peculiarity: that of creating humanity. Today is the day of the woman. But for me the respect for the feminine is 365 days, 24/24. That’s why I wish you a good day for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow

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