12 ideas for celebrating International Women’s Day

1. Entrust editorial responsibilities to women

UNESCO invites editors-in-chief of traditional or online newspapers, radio and television stations to participate in this initiative by entrusting editorial responsibilities to women journalists and reporters, on International Women’s Day 2018 or throughout of the “Women Make the News” campaign, which runs until April 30, 2013 .

2. Send your stories

UNESCO and its partners invite media organizations, professional associations, journalists’ unions, women and men working in the media, and civil society to use this platform to share their thoughts on the theme of women make the info 2013 “. Do you have internal policies in place on this topic? Have you developed interesting programs on radio, television, in newspapers or on the Internet, which are managed by a press organ or an NGO? What difficulties did you encounter? How did you involve women and men in rural areas? What original processes have you found to achieve gender mainstreaming in your policy? From these questions but also from

For this, thank you to submit your articles before April 30, 2013 on this page. Your contribution will help to advance the exchange of information on the means to be implemented to address the problems related to rural women’s access to media and information. The articles will be published, depending on their relevance, on this website to give ideas to others.

ideas for celebrating International Women's Day

3. Spread the word

Banners and logos are available for download on this site to enable you to promote “Women Make the News” within your organization. These promotional materials may not be used for commercial purposes, advertising or any other use incompatible with the mission of UNESCO.

4. Draw attention to the subject in universities

On International Women’s Day or throughout the campaign “Women Make the News”, universities, higher education institutions, training centers and UNESCO Chairs are called to draw attention to the subject organizing debates and conferences and promoting gender equality as deemed necessary in their places of work.

5. Perform programs on the subject

Create radio and television programs or public announcements around the theme of “Women Make the News 2012”, rural women’s access to media and information, to be broadcast regularly during the month of March, and more particularly on March 8th.

6. Organize debates

Organize radio or television debates between stakeholders (broadcasters, politicians, intellectuals, lawyers) on the importance of gender equality, and in particular on this year’s theme.

ideas for celebrating International Women's Day

7. Help communities express themselves

Organize interactive radio shows to allow communities to express themselves. Listeners will be able to witness how important they are to gender equality and rural women’s access to media and information, and how media and information access has increased. changed their lives.

8. Interview people from the media world

Interview women and men from the world of radio in your country and ask them about International Women’s Day and rural women’s access to media and information.

9. Stream audio and video clips

Share UNESCO’s audio and video clips on women and gender equality, available on this page: click here.

10. Promote UNESCO publications

Download, present and disseminate publications produced or supported by UNESCO:

11. Join your National Commission

Join the National Commission for UNESCO in your country to participate in the national celebrations of International Women’s Day.

12. Celebrate International Women’s Day with local media organizations

Celebrate International Women’s Day with the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) , local community radio associations, national and regional press and radio associations, journalists’ associations, women’s networks and the media citizens.

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