International Womens Day

Today is March 8th 2018 the International Women’s day, which is celebrated worldwide every year on every 8 March. It is a day to celebrate the achievements of the women all around the world in every aspect of life. Either it is political or social while calling for gender equality.

History Of International Women’s day Or Happy Women’s day

It was first observed in the early 1900s and now it is celebrated every year on March 8. It is not associated with any single group, it brings all the stakeholders on a single platform and they work together such as governments, NGOs working for women, corporations and charities etc. Generally, on this day different kind of art performances, talks, networking events, rallies, conferences, and marches are held. Thousands of people take participation in these activities.

International Women’s day

When and how did it start?

Well, this is hard to say that when exactly this day started, but it was first seen in 1908 when around 15000 women marched in the New York City and during their walk, they demanded right to vote, better pay and shorter working hours. After that, a year later in the United States on February 28, the first National Woman’s day was observed in accordance with a declaration by the socialist party of United States.

A woman named Clara Zetkin who was a leader of “women’s office” for the Social Democratic Party in Germany gave an idea of an International Day for Women. She gave a suggestion that each and every country should celebrate this day on the same day every year. Later on, a conference was held in which 100 women from 17 different countries took part and they all agreed on the suggestion of Clara Zetkin and hence International Women Day was formed.  It was first officially celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland on March 19 but it was then decided in 1913 to transfer IWD to March 8, and after that every year it is celebrated on the same ever since. 1975 the day was reorganized by the United Nations. The former US President Barack Obama proclaimed the month of March to be the “Women’s History Month”.


It’s been more than 100 years the International Women’s Day is celebrated every year, Women all around the world celebrate this day. The day reminds them to reorganize their rights and importance in the society. It gives them awareness about gender equality, they think themselves able to work with men without any gender discrimination.

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A century of struggle

For centuries, women have been considered inferior to humans. Less intelligent, less respectable, women have long been at home, without rights or freedoms. After years of struggle for the consideration of women in 1910, a bold idea sprang up in the mind of a young German journalist. Revolutionary and socialist, Clara Zetkin proposed to formalize the fight of women by creating for them a symbolic day. His goal? Denounce inequalities between the sexes and impose a new consideration of women. Validated, the proposal was adopted on March 8, 1910in Copenhagen, at a conference of the Socialist International of Women. This first step led to a great reflection on the situation of women in society. Many events were organized in Europe and in the world, for the struggle of women against inequalities. In 1977, the International Day of Women’s Rights was formalized by the United Nations and in 1982 in France.

The big dates

1882 : Primary education becomes compulsory for girls, as for boys.
1907 : Married women can freely dispose of their wages. 
 : Women can enroll in university without the permission of their husbands, but the husband retains the right to forbid his wife to work.
1944 : Women get the right to vote and stand for election
1946 : Abolition of the concept of women’s wages and the establishment of the principle of equality.
1965 : Women can open a bank account and work without the consent of their husbands.
1967: Contraception is allowed (and reimbursed by the Social Security in 1974). 
 : The Veil Act is adopted to authorize the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (and reimbursed by the Social Security in 1982).
1975 : Opening of the first shelter for battered women.
1979 : UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, ratified by France in 1983.
1985 : Equality of spouses in the management of family and children’s property.
1990 : Recognition of rape between spouses.
2002 : Possibility of transmitting to the child the name of the father or the name of the mother or both names.
2010: The fight against violence against women is declared a great national cause.

Some key figures

85.3%: this is the success rate of girls in the baccalaureate in 2008, against 81.5% for boys.
– Ministry of National Education, 2009

1020 euros: this is the gross monthly amount of average retirement reached by women aged 60 and over in 2004. This is an amount 38% lower than that of men.
 Sixth report of the Orientation Council of the Retreats, 2008

17.2%: this is the share of female executive employees.
 Ministry of Labor, Women’s Rights, and Equality Department, key figures 2007

Maintenance workers: this is the category that employs the most women (878,000 women, or 69.2% of the category).
 INSEE, Employment surveys from 1st to 4th quarter 2008, Dares calculations.

3: 48: this is the average number of hours per day that women spend on domestic chores compared to 1:59 for men.

27.1 %: this is what women earn less, all working time combined, compared to men.
 Ministry of Labor, Women’s Rights and Equality Department, key figures 2009.

27.1 %: this is what women earn less, all working time combined, compared to men.
 Ministry of Labor, Women’s Rights and Equality Department, key figures 2009.

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